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Whack the PM Results Summary

Which issues draw the most fire?

Summary as of June 24, 2004

The Questions:

  1. What type of Canada will you lead?
  2. What is your position on same-sex?
  3. Is abortion a hot potato?
  4. Should Canada boost spending on defense?
  5. What are you trying to hide?
  6. All politicians are liars. Why should I trust you?
  7. Tie-breaker: Who is going to pay for your promises?


  1. On the first question, "What type of Canada will you lead?", 28% of the people whack Martin, 25% hit Harper.
  2. On the second question, "What is your position on same-sex?", 41% of the people whack Harper, 19% hit Martin.
  3. On questions three, "Is abortion a hot potato?", and four, "Should Canada boost spending on defense?", Harper gets the most whacks with 31% and 35%.
  4. Martin takes the last three "trust issue" questions (#5, 6, 7) with 28%, 34%, and 33% of the whacks respectively.

What does this mean?

Canadians are whacking Martin for his 'vision of Canada', and on the issues of trust and accountability. But they get mad at Harper for his positions on same-sex marriage, abortion, and defense spending.

Regional Results

Summary as of June 21, 2004

50% of the people who completed the quiz asked for strategic voting advice in their riding. Martin's Liberals get whacked the most in Alberta and in Sask/Man (45% and 35% of the time). Everywhere else Harper's Conservatives draw the most fire.

Per cent of the time whacked
RegionHarperMartin DuceppeLaytonHarris
B.C. 42% 29% 12% 11% 6%
Alberta 26% 45% 17% 6% 6%
Sask/Man 27% 35% 12% 21% 6%
Ontario 47% 28% 12% 8% 5%
Quebec 36% 28% 23% 8% 5%
Maritimes 44% 31% 16% 4% 5%
Territories 80% 20% 0% 0% 0%

What do these politicians say that makes everyone want to whack them on the head?

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Note: You can whack the PM as many times as you like, but we are only counting the first vote. If you want to change the score, get your friends to vote.

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